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My Crystal Sister

Sep 23, 2021

#8 Briana Wyatt is a modern day mystic, healer, priestess and Soulful Success Coach at who systematically and holistically guides women to access deep healing, develop intuition, and improve clarity and confidence so they can connect to purpose, act in alignment and create a life they love. In short, she teaches women to create soulful success without the stress, burnout and overwhelm. She is also a business professor, wife and mama. My favorite takeaway from this episode is that it's okay to take longer to achieve your goals.


We talk about:


  • How to identify “fear vs. love” situations
  • Aligning with your true self
  • Divine timing
  • Canceling hustle culture and slowing down
  • Living with intention and living your vision
  • Connection, clarity and inspired action and how they intertwine
  • Briana’s “My Crystal Sister” moment


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