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My Crystal Sister

Jun 10, 2021

#1: Lindsey Harrod is a fitness instructor and influencer, and someone I just absolutely adore. She joins me today as our VERY FIRST podcast guest and she couldn’t be a more perfect fit to the mission of My Crystal Sister. After a few years as a working model in LA, Lindsey realized that everything she did and all the decisions she made, were motivated by her physical appearance and desire to “look good” and never focused on the “feel good” aspect of life. As someone who craves social interaction, she gave up modeling and changed careers to become a fitness professional - and now influencer! We talk about her mission to spread body positivity, how she battled and beat her body dysmorphia, and her top tips for starting a brand that’s authentic to YOU. “Showing up as your true authentic self is when you start to see results and reward.” #EverydayArmor


Lindsey and I also collaborated –– AGAIN –– on another jewelry line called the Body Empowerment Collection. You can shop it HERE!


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