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My Crystal Sister

Nov 25, 2021

#10 Heather Lake is a local celebrity here in San Diego, and she is also an incredibly dedicated professional and mother. Up at 3 am every morning, Heather is juggling her job as the lifestyle news reporter for Fox 5 San Diego, being a mother of two beautiful kids and feeding her soul with other passion projects. Today, Heather and I discuss the constant juggle as a working mom, how interning and finding her mentors paved her way to success in news, how she found her confidence and more.

We talk about:


  • How she broke into broadcast journalism
  • The importance of instilling confidence in your children from the get-go
  • Finding a mentor and being a mentor
  • Juggling work and being a mom and listening to your body when you need to slow down
  • Her daily schedule as a morning news reporter
  • Heather’s “My Crystal Sister” moment


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